I'm Back, what's NEXT?

Welcome Home!

Ten days in Israel is an incredible experience, but what happens when you get back? There are plenty of ways to continue living out your Birthright Israel trip right here at home.

Shabbat5.jpgFind out what’s happening near you.
Use our city directory to find great events, opportunities, and more in your local area.​​

Take advantage of opportunities.
On our Facebook page, we list tons of great programs, festivals, long-term trips to Israel, and more run by awesome organizations across the country. Check them out!

Invite your friends over.
​Remember celebrating Shabbat in Israel with all of your tripmates? Our NEXT Shabbat​ program will help you bring that experience to your friends here at home. It’s easy: Invite at least four friends over for a Friday night dinner or Saturday lunch, and we’ll provide resources and some funds to cover the cost of groceries or take-out.

Keep an eye on our programs.
We offer programs to all Birthright Israel alumni, regardless of when you returned from your trip or where you live. Many are based around Jewish holidays, when we'll help you create and host your own celebrations for your friends—like Passover seders and Rosh Hashanah dinners—and give you everything you need to make it happen. 

Still wondering how to find what's NEXT for you? Email us: We're here to help.