Customize Your Seder

It’s almost time for Passover!  As you prepare your matzah and and get ready to host your , we wanted to pass along some creative ways to celebrate. These Seder tips and traditions are inspired by your amazing stories from last year’s  NEXT Passover Seders. 

We're here to help, so if you have any questions or need any other Passover resources, let us know:

Seder Tip #1: Use technology to help lead your Seder. 

My guests seem to really like my YouTube Seder since it makes the process more entertaining and relevant.”   -Adam D., Brooklyn, NY

1. Check out Adam’s YouTube Seder.

2. Build your own Passover haggadah online.

3. Listen to the Exodus story, watch videos, and find Seder songs using this interactive app.

4. Find a hagaddah for the internet age.

Seder Tip #2: Bring different cultures into your Seder.

"[At my Seder, we] did the four questions in five different languages! Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, and German.” -Becky M., Jersey City, NJ

1. Learn how a group that’s “Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, multi-racial, gay and straight, atheist, agnostic and believers” celebrates Passover.

2. In Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and all over the world, Jews have unique local versions of Seder traditions. 

3. Bring a bit of Israel into your Seder and relive some of your Birthright Israel memories.

Seder Tip #3: Reclaim your Passover music.

The best part of my NEXT Seder was singing Passover songs to the tune of Katy Perry and the Gilligan's Island theme song. My friend wrote the haggadah and included these songs. They were hilarious.” -Rachel X., New York, NY

1. Louis Armstrong’s “Go Down Moses” is famous for the soulful refrain, "Let my people go."

2. The Maccabeats do a spoof on a Les Miserables tune for their single “Passover.”

3. Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” is a perfect fit for Passover.

Seder Tip #4: Take a stand by connecting Passover themes to modern injustice.

At the end of the Seder we did a ceremonial burning of “chametz.” I told everyone to write down some evil that they wanted to see erased from the world, like racism, and then we put the pieces of paper in a bowl and burned them.”  -Ben W., Washington, DC

I wanted to have a Seder where each guest brought something to share with the group about the Passover story in modern times. We went around the table and talked about instances of slavery around the world, or oppression, and reminded ourselves to be vigilant of those things and work towards peace.” -Norah K., Seattle, WA

1. Lead a chametz (leavened bread products) food drive.

2. Add an orange or a tomato to the Seder plate.

3. Learn about modern slavery and discuss it during the Four Questions.

4. Make your Seder a fair trade experience. 

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