Our Programs

Our Programs

No matter where you live, NEXT has great ways for you to connect. With our programs, you can create your own experiences with your friends at home, learn Hebrew, and find a way to fund your amazing project. 

When the Jewish holidays roll around, we offer seasonal programs—like NEXT Passover Seders—that will give you everything you need to host celebrations for your friends. We'll announce registration for these programs here, but if you want first dibs, be sure to check out our Facebook page, where you'll hear it before everyone else.

Check out our programs below:

NEXT Shabbat
Remember how great Shabbat was on your Birthright Israel trip? Invite your friends over for a Shabbat meal and NEXT will help cover the tab and provide you with the resources you need. NEXT Shabbat helps you create an awesome Shabbat experience at your place, with your friends, your way.

Natan/NEXT Grants for Social Entrepreneurs
Do you want to create your own programs? NEXT, in partnership with Natan, will fund your long-term events and projects that offer Jewish cultural/educational opportunities and connect Jews to one another. Check out some of our grant projects and see if you have what it takes to put your unique vision into action.

HebrewNEXT: Our free Hebrew App for iPhone and Android
Download HebrewNEXT, NEXT’s free smartphone app for iPhone and Android to have Hebrew words and phrases at your fingertips. With extended phrase lists, word packs, transliteration, and audio, it's a must-have for learning Hebrew or getting around Israel.

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