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I have completed the registration form, I think...what happens next?
Once you have filled out all the sections of the form, if there is any information that you wish to update or change, you may access your application until the registration deadline for that season. Please be aware that the last change you make will be what Birthright Israel considers your final application. If you have gone through all of the sections and provided information in all the required fields you can expect the following: 1) The Trip Organizer that you selected should be contacting you directly. They will conduct a personal or phone interview with you. They will also require additional information from you. Many Trip Organizers have a full secondary application which they may refer to as "PART II" of your application. Please make sure you know what your Trip Organizer needs from you in order for them to accept you on to their trip. 2) Sit back, relax, be patient! The Trip Organizers and Birthright Israel are going over thousands of applications. Your Trip Organizer will notify you of your status. If you have not been contacted at all three weeks after you registered, please contact your Trip Organizer directly. Contact information for all Trip Organizers can be found here.
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