The ten day trip may have ended but your experience is just beginning. Welcome to the Alumni Community, your center in New York for reunion parties, free Hebrew classes, return trips to Israel, Shabbat dinners, Wall Street programs and so much more. Exclusive events for alumni of Birthright Israel trips are happening almost every day of the week!         646-486-0470           38 W. 13 St., NY



    • Shabbat Dinner

      Friday, January 23rd @ 7:00PM Join The Alumni Community for our popular Friday night Shabbat dinner. Come for the good food and great company!

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    • Cholent and Scotch Tasting:

      Wednesday, January 29th @ 7PM Join some of New York's top Jewish chefs as they serve you their favorite recipes for a special Shabbat stew paired with a selection of fine single malt scotch.

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    • Stay up to date on Israel with Natalie, our Expert!

      We know how hard it is to stay on top of the news from Israel - so we decided to do it for you on Facebook! Add Natalie as a friend and get all your questions answered - from local events to getting back to Israel.

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    • TribeWorks Cocktail and Networking Party

      Wednesday, January 28th @ 7:00PM Get connected with other young professionals and expand your network. Find out how to join a "Tribe" that's tailored to your specific interests and business goals. Whether you would like to generate leads, build your social network or help give back to the community, join a tribe and get connected.

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    • Six-Week Hebrew Reading or Conversation Course

      Thursdays: 2/26; 3/12; 3/19; 3/26; 4/2 & 4/16 Grab your friends and join us for six weeks of fun, free Hebrew learning! Whatever your level, we have the right class for you.

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Melanie Phillips

JCare Winter Package Delivery              January 25th, 2015 @ 11:30am           Start off the New Year by doing something GOOD and volunteer with our J-Care program as we deliver meals to the elderly. RSVP NOW