The ten day trip may have ended but your experience is just beginning. Welcome to the Alumni Community, your center in New York for reunion parties, free Hebrew classes, return trips to Israel, Shabbat dinners, Wall Street programs and so much more. Exclusive events for alumni of Birthright Israel trips are happening almost every day of the week!         646-486-0470           38 W. 13 St., NY



    • Shabbat Dinner

      Friday, May 2nd @ 7:30PM Join The Alumni Community for our popular Friday night Shabbat dinner. Come for the good food and great company!

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    • Israel Reloaded Trip

      7/2 - 7/13 or 8/13 - 8/24 Spend 10 days in Israel on an incredible journey! Explore the ancient city of Jerusalem, the beautiful scenery in the North, meet soldiers and visit an army base, tour and experience community service.

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    • Poland Prague

      10-day journey to Poland and Prague, the trip includes visits to concentration camps and important pre-war Jewish heritage sites, and it also offers an overview o Eastern European Jewry and the devastating impact the Holocaust had on these historic communities.

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    • Salute to Heroes

      Wed. Apr 30 @ 7PM Join us for a very special evening featuring American veterans of Israel's 1948 War of Independence.

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    • Get Ready for Passover

      Passover takes place this year from Monday, April 14th - Tuesday, April 22nd. Learn about the Seder, how to clear your house of "chametz" and more about the traditions of Passover on our website:

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    • Challah Baking

      Thursday, April 24th @ 6:30PM Learn how to bake challah like a pro! From start to finish you'll learn how to make and braid challah, and decorate your edible masterpiece with everything from sesame seeds to chocolate chips.

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Purim Party

Wednesday, April 9 @ 7PM
Movies play a big part in how the story of the Holocaust is perceived and preserved and Hollywood has played a big part in shaping public image of the Holocaust.

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