A Gut Feeling for Israel

 Birthright Israel’s first-ever culinary trip

 The Jewish Week

It’s one thing to claim Masada as your birthright, or the Western Wall or the Dead Sea. It’s quite another to be able to say that shakshuka - that iconic and palate-zinging Israeli egg dish - is now part of your cultural heritage.

But that’s exactly what happened this week for 48 participants on Birthright Israel’s first-ever culinary trip.

Earlier this week the hungry Birthrighters disembarked from their tour bus at Shvil HaSalat (The Salad Trail), a farm in the northern Negev, anticipating a meal featuring lots of homegrown vegetables.

An hour and a half later the group sat down to a lunch of brightly colored Mediterranean-type salads that could have been served proudly at any fine restaurant anywhere in the world.

While the food was delicious, what made the experience at Shvil HaSalat particularly special was the fact that the 22- to 26-year-olds prepared it themselves.