A Human Bridge

"A Human Bridge" by Tali Hardevall

October, 28, 2012 | The Jerusalem Post


Fifteen years ago, Gidi Mark was appointed Taglit’s first employee when it was still in its development stage. For the past four years, after holding various positions in the project, he has served as Taglit’s CEO. Mark, 52, lives in Modi’in and has three children. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, he talks about the changes that Taglit has made in the Jewish community and the project’s goals for the future.

An excerpt follows:

What are your goals for the future?

There are approximately 100,000 young people in the Jewish community. We estimate that if we have the means, we can bring at least 51,000 here in a year – that is most of the Jewish young people in the world.

Some 42,000 participants are due here in 2012 alone, and that is no small matter.

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