Excel Participant Allie Pinosky

This summer, I was lucky enough to be placed at an internship at Wix. For those of you don't know Wix, this rapidly growing company was founded in 2006 has 30,000 users joining every day. Its unique drag n' drop platform allows users to create professional websites without coding or design experience. Located on the port of Tel Aviv in walking distance from our residence, I couldn't have asked for a better placement. 

My mentor, Isaac spent the first week of the internship teaching me all the ins and outs of Wix. I learned about the information Wix collects about its users, how the users are organized into cohorts, and how this data is analyzed and used to create a business plan moving forward. After learning all about the business, I was given the opportunity to teach what I had just learned about cohorts to three new employees. Although unexpected, this presentation gave me the opportunity to show my grasp of the information. 


Beyond learning about Wix from the business analyst side, I've had the opportunity to meet individually with other employees and hear about their spheres of Wix. I can't wait to see what tasks I will be assigned in the upcoming weeks; I'm sure they will be both interesting as well as challenging. ​