Birthright Israel Excel Registration Open

December 4, 2012

Registration for Birthright Israel Excel opens today and runs through February 10, 2013. This special program, which operates separately from the 10-day trips offered by Birthright Israel, brings selected college students of business, finance, and economics, to Israel for a summer internship with a leading Israeli firm.

"These are people who are going to be make something of themselves somewhere, and we want to channel them to become the ones who’ll grow up to be the philanthropists of the future, those who’ll be taking responsibility for the issue of Jewish identity and the relationship with Israel," says program Director Vered Fishbein.

Fellows are assigned mentors in Israel and will meet with leading decision-makers such as Bank of Israel Gov. Stanley Fischer and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz. Additionally, each participant is assigned an Israeli peer, a fellow student who helps them navigate the Israeli social scene and participates in various seminars throughout the 10-week program.

After the fellowship in Israel, the Birthright Israel Excel Fellows enter the post-fellowship stage of the program in the United States, where their network expands to include leading American businesspeople as well as other Birthright Israel Excel alumni.

Birthright Israel Excel aims to develop a cadre of future leaders among Jewish college students who will have deep and abiding relationships with the State of Israel and with their Jewish community. As leaders in these fields, it is hoped that they will strengthen future global corporate policy towards the State of Israel and foster the development of an innovative ideas think tank in collaboration with international and Israeli companies.

Applications for U.S. students are available here