Hanukah in Brazil


Birthright Israel in Brasil celebrated, once again, the largest ever Hanukkah party seen in São Paulo with over 1,700 young Jewish adults representing 26% of the 6,500 Taglit alumni.

Participants lit the second candle of Hanukkah and enjoyed the performance of Thiago Abravanel, the most popular actor and singer in Brasil today.



The story of Thiago Abravanel, who was not raised Jewish, is in a nutshell the story of the Jewish people today. Thiago’s roots go back to Dan Itzhack Abravanel who was the leader of the Jewish community and the finance minister of Spain during the inquisition time. Thiago’s grandfather is a direct descendent of the Abravanel family and his grandmother is a descendent of the famous Caro family.


The Hanukkah celebration of Birthright Israel has become a tradition in São Paulo as this is the fourth time this grandiose celebration is taking place. Starting with about 700 participants, the event this year broke its own record from last year, with an attendance of 1,700 participants.

The Hanukkah party in São Paulo Brasil is developing into a landmark. The event portrays the outstanding success of Taglit in building, following the trip, a growing powerful community of young Jewish adults connected to their Jewish roots.


Taglit makes sure that young Jews like Thiago Abravanel will have an opportunity to connect to their Jewish identity, to Israel, and to the Jewish people as a whole.