Taglit's Cream of The Crop

​By Darryl Egnal | eJewish Philanthropy, November 12, 2012

Taglit-Birthright Israel launched the new Taglit Institute for Tour Educators in May this year. Director Scott Copeland hopes to see it become the Harvard of training institutes for tour guides in Israel and as such, the Institute’s selection process is focused and thorough to ensure only the cream of the crop are chosen.

Funded by the Maimonides Foundation and Keren Karev, the aim of Taglit Institute for Tour Educators is to develop a group of tour educators who understand themselves as informal Jewish educators; embody and articulate the central and unique place of Israel as a landscape of inspiration, meaning and challenge for Jewish life; and are equipped to accompany participants on a key leg of their life-long Jewish journeys.

“I think Taglit reached a point where it began to realize more and more that in order to both preserve what is and improve what is – go from great to even greater – it was very, very important to make some investments with regards to the staff on the trips, and to start, first and foremost, with the tour guide and the tour educators,” says Scott Copeland, director of the Taglit Institute for Tour Educators.

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