Young American Jews Growing Attached to Israel

 Prof. Steve Cohen: 'It’s probably because of ‘Birthright Israel Bump'

 New findings show that young American Jews are growing more attached to Israel, probably as a result of the “cumulative impact of Birthright Israel,”  according to renowned sociologist Professor Steve Cohen.

 While Jews 45 and older were rated as having a 40-44 level of attachment to Israel, those between 35 and 45 only scored a 24. Those under 35 got a 39 out of 100, according to the poll carried out by the Workmen’s Circle.

The poll looked only at Jews who are not Orthodox and do not attend Jewish day school, thus reflecting the broader Jewish population and particularly the segment of the population that attends such programs as Birthright. It is these trips to Israel, and not a connection to Jewish life, which are being credited with the recent increase is Israel interest.