An Educational Journey

The ten days of a Birthright Israel trip are a journey in both Jewish history and in a contemporary Jewish state, accompanied by Israeli peers (“the Mifgash”) who join the trips as colleagues and friends. The Birthright Israel educational journey is committed to a culture of open discussion and dialogue about all issues: identity, politics, religion and Jewish living. 




Core Themes



Narratives of the Jewish People


Participants are introduced to key landmarks of historical, national, archeological and natural significance that have shaped, and continue to shape Jewish life.



Contemporary Israel


The State of Israel constitutes an exciting laboratory wherein Jewish life is created through continuous discussion, reevaluation and reshaping in modern times. An exploration of Israel’s multiple sceneries – as seen through its arts and culture, science and technology, environmental initiatives and social discourse --  offer rich opportunities for expanding understanding and appreciation of the rich fabric of both historical and contemporary Israel. We examine the tempo and rhythm of Israel through these different landscapes, offering an unmediated and responsible experience of the country through its achievements, as well its challenges.


Ideas & Values of the Jewish People


We examine core values that have been part of Jewish life throughout the ages – e.g. Shabbat, Social Justice, Community, and Study - and exploring their manifestations, adaptations, perpetuation, and conflicts.


Being in Israel offers participants an extraordinary setting to examine formative Jewish values and their expressions in shaping a modern Jewish society firsthand. They experience Shabbat as centerpiece of weekly life in Israel; social justice as  a national concern; and the values of community and study as dimensions of a country’s lifestyle.


On the Road


We hope that the experience of traveling the country serves as part of an ongoing continuum of Jewish engagement, involvement, learning, and search for personal and communal meaning among overseas and Israeli young adults. It is a journey in the Jewish past, present, and future.