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As long-time partners, Birthright Israel and The Jewish Agency share a common goal: to revive a sense of a global Jewish community and connection with Israel. The transformative Birthright visit is part of an Israel-experience continuum proudly supported by The Jewish Agency.

Around the world, hundreds of Jewish Agency Shlichim ("emissaries") promote Birthright Israel, encouraging and inspiring the next generation of world Jewry to see and feel Israel with their own eyes and hearts.


From the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe alone, Jewish Agency emissaries in 2011 assisted well over one thousand young Jews to register for Birthright; two-thirds of them returned to Israel on Masa Israel Journey's long-term programs.

We are thrilled by the large numbers of Birthright alumni who have chosen to return to Israel in the framework of Masa Israel Journey, which helps thousands of people study, volunteer, and travel in Israel for five to 12 months under the sponsorship of The Jewish Agency and the Israeli government. Birthright alumni are also returning with Onward Israel, the new signature mid-length program of The Jewish Agency, designed specifically to allow more Birthright alumni to have that critical second experience in Israel.


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