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The Government of Israel attributes great importance to strengthening the connection between young Jews in the Diaspora with their Jewish heritage and the State of Israel.

In order to achieve this goal, the Government of Israel is investing tremendous resources in funding diverse projects that bring young Jews closer to their heritage, develops their relationship with the State of Israel, exposes them to Israeli society and culture, and provides them with experiences that will stay with them through their adult lives.


Over the years, Birthright Israel has succeeded in establisheding itself as a central link in the connection between the State of Israel and young Jewish adults in the Diaspora.  The hundreds of thousands of the project's alumni who participated in the trip to Israel constitute the next generation of leaders in the Jewish world.  The State of Israel views the project's alumni as ambassadors around the world, whether through public diplomacy efforts on campuses or as leaders of public opinion in the wider public, social and economic dialogue.



In light of the project's success and the long waiting list of young people who have yet to participate, on July 15, 2010, the Government of Israel decided to increase its financial contribution to Birthright Israel significantly, in order to increase the number of participants to 50,000 per year from 2013 onwards. This will allow the majority of young Jews in the Diaspora between the ages 18 to -26 (approximately 100,000 per cohort) to come on their first organized trip into Israel.


The Government of Israel welcomes the cooperation of major donors from world Jewry and views it as an expression of the mutual guarantee of support between Israel and the Diaspora that has existed since the establishment of the State of Israel.  Strengthening the connection of the younger generations of Jews will safeguard the preservation of this guarantee and the fortitude future of the Jewish people.





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