the trip to ISRAEL

We believe that a trip to Israel strengthens Jewish identity and is the best way to build a lasting bond between young Jewish people around the world and their peers in Israel.


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Dead Sea, Winter 2011
Each bus group is comprised of 40 participants that travel together throughout the ten days. In addition to the participants, the staff consists of two local staff members, or madrichim, who fly with the group to Israel, one Israeli tour educator, and an Israeli medic/security guard. Additionally, the bus driver is considered part of the team.

The content of the trip focuses on three main areas: the Narratives of the Jewish People, Contemporary Israel, and the Formative Values of Judaism.  Though this is an educational program, you won’t be sitting in a chair in front of a book. Your trip will include touring, hiking, discussions, social events, camel and jeep rides and much more.

Birthright Israel trips are conducted by multiple Trip Organizers. Each has been accredited by Birthright Israel and each has a unique approach and perspective on how to introduce and show Israel to you.  At the same time, there is a core program with several themes that are common to all trips.

  • Narratives of the Jewish People
    We explore key landmarks of historical, national, archeological and natural significance that reflect Jewish history and the roots of the Jewish people.
  • Contemporary Israel
    An exploration of Israel’s arts, culture, science & technology, environmental initiatives and social discourse -  offering an unmediated and responsible experience of the country through its achievements, as well as challenges.
  • Ideas & Formative Values of Judaism
    We examine core values that have been part of Jewish life throughout the ages – e.g. Shabbat, Social Justice, Community, and Study - and exploring their manifestations, adaptations, perpetuation, and conflicts.

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soldiers and participants Unforgettable Experiences
Every trip includes a multi-day Mifgash (encounter) with your Israeli peers.
It's not only a service for the state of israel, but actually a service for the whole jewish community around the world. Ziv, IDF
A key component of the trip is meeting and living with Israelis of the same age, many of whom are serving in the Israel Defense Forces, for several days as part of the Mifgash, or encounter program. This is an opportunity to get to know Israel through its people. Together, Israelis and their peers in the Diaspora explore their views about personal, religious, and political identities and ideologies. They also discuss what it means to serve the country and to defend the Jewish people.

By engaging in creative, recreational and educational activities with Israeli peers, members of the group develop a personal connection to Israel. These aren’t random or token Israelis dropped into the trip. These are the participant’s peers who are fully joining the trip to gain the same understanding of Israel, Judaism, Jewish identity and the larger Jewish community.

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Ein Gedi Climb
We are constantly reviewing all security measures and will implement the most stringent security measures throughout your trip to ensure that we provide a comprehensive safety umbrella.
While trips are running, Birthright Israel operates an Information Line that is available 9 am - 5 pm EST​ and each Trip Organizer will provide participants and their families with additional contact information. We are always available via e-mail at or via telephone at 1-888-99-ISRAEL (1-888-994-7723) should you have further questions.

Our safety guidelines include careful planning of each group's itineraries on a daily basis.