Choosing a Trip Organizer

Taglit-Birthright Israel is an umbrella organization that provides the gift of the trip, accredits individual Trip Organizers to run Taglit-Birthright Israel-approved programs and sets down the basic guidelines, standards and security policies by which Trip Organizers must operate. There are usually nearly 20 Taglit-Birthright Israel-accredited Trip Organizers running trips each session (2 sessions each year- Summer and Winter) and you are encouraged to choose the program which best suits the type of experience you're looking for. 


Our Trip Organizers represent a variety of religious movements and Zionist ideologies. All Taglit-Birthright Israel programs will provide opportunities for participants to celebrate Jewish life together.

Asking a trip organizer some key questions like, "How will Shabbat be observed?" will help ensure that the program you are choosing is right for you. See "Questions to Ask a Trip Organizer" for more.



All Taglit-Birthright Israel trips must adhere to our educational and logistical guidelines so there are many things common to all trips including:

*Israeli tour guides

*5 or 10 days spent with Israeli peers (mostly soldiers and students)

*Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall

*Tour of Masada and the Dead Sea

*Travel to other cities/towns like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tsfat and Eilat

*Accommodation in three and four star hotels


Your Jewish Background

Most Taglit-Birthright Israel trips are geared for the less involved or less knowledgeable Jews. Learning about the Jewish State of Israel will involve learning some Jewish practices and customs in a welcoming and learning environment. Most trips (with the exception of those geared for more observant Jews) have participants with a variety of Jewish backgrounds. If you are unsure, you should ask the Trip Organizer what kinds of Jewish learning, prayer and experiences you should expect on their trip. There are several educational resources on this website about Israel and Judaism if you would like to learn more prior to your trip.


Where you Live or Go to School

Some Taglit-Birthright Israel trips are organized by campus organizations or city but many are not. If this is a deciding factor for you, you should ask the Trip Organizer where they are recruiting participants from. Either way, you will return home with at least 50 new friends! The only requirement we impose is that US residents go on a U.S.-based trip and Canadian residents go on a Canadian based trip. For our purposes "residency" includes where you or your family reside.

Your Availability

Your schedule may make the decision easy. Not all Trip Organizers offer trips all the time and convenience may be your highest priority. Be sure to ask the window of dates that the Trip Organizer is offering (they will not know exact dates until 30 days prior to departure).

Recommendations From Alumni

There are more than 350,000 Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni around the world -- surely you know at least one! If not, feel free to email and we can put you in touch with alumni from a variety of different Trip Organizers.


Quality Control

All trips are evaluated by independent quality control monitors for high logistical and educational standards. All of the current Trip Organizers receive high marks. Those with low marks are unable to offer trips until their programs are modified accordingly. You can be assured that whichever trip you choose will be a high quality trip.