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Hello once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get your free gift from Taglit-Birthright Israel with Israel Experience™. 




Yes, we know your schedule is packed. You're constantly on the go. And still you've put aside 10 days for a trip to Israel. So we know it had better be worth it. That's why we want you to get the most out your time in Israel with the Israel Experience. Adventure. Spirituality. More time with Israeli soldiers (they're with you for all 10 days instead of the usual five). Connectivity through our WIFI buses. real Israel. We design our trips from the outside in so we can show you Israel inside out.

With Israel Experience, you will instantly fall in love. Not prom night, ABC Bachelor, Kardashian love. But real love… true love… for the land of Israel, the people and every individual that will be a part of your 10 day experience. You'll hop on a camel and lead it through the desert, push your way through a crowded outdoor market and taste the sweetest pastry your mouth never knew existed and discover your history in Israel's ancient stones. Best of all, you will discover the closest friends you will ever come to know as you talk through the night along the Mediterranean and who knows, you might even discover parts of yourself you never even knew were there….

So get ready and be prepared for the most intense and exciting ride of your life. On this trip, you'll get nothing less than the whole Israel Experience.

"No words can describe how incredible this gift is. The experience is so intense that if you even stop to think you'll miss something extraordinary. The places you go, the people you meet & the entire trip itself is nothing but beauty. Whenever memories cross my mind they still bring tears to my eyes." (Jamie Furr-Arizona)



Vision Statement

Our vision is to give every one of our participants the most they could possible imagine for their experience in Israel. Adventures. Top sites and attractions. Life-long friends. Real Israel. Social action. Connections to Israel and the Israeli people. With us, participants will get the ultimate #IsraelExperience.




Our Company/Organization


Israel Experience® is the leading company for educational group travel to Israel. As a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency, Israel Experience provides our clients with tailor-made and packaged programs, offering the highest standards of service, safety and security.

Our mission is to create Israel experiences that include all the meaning and excitement that Israel has to offer. We strive to strengthen each participant’s Jewish identity while deepening their connection to Israel and nurturing Jewish continuity in their communities back home.


The Trip Staff Team


You will travel with two North American staff members, an Israeli tour educator and a trained medic/guard.

Our North American staff members are young, enthusiastic, fun, dynamic, experienced group leaders with a passion for Israel and Judaism. They come from a variety of backgrounds: social work, finance, Jewish education, law and medicine, but they have one thing in common – they love Israel and want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Our Israeli tour guides are experts in all things related to the land of Israel, its history, culture and politics. We choose tour guides who are excited to work with Taglit-Birthright Israel groups and understand that this this trip is a unique opportunity.

The guard/medic who will accompany the trip is fully trained and licensed to deal with minor medical issues as well as watch out for the security of the group at all times.