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Kenes Tours: Awesome Israel

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Airport City, Israel



Our trip is not only free, it's Awesome!

Our signature itineraries and team of top-notch Israeli guides ensure that you get all the classic experiences our compact country offers, and they pave the way for you to feel the creative energy which turned a fledgling state into a regional superpower, a stretch of dunes into Tel Aviv, and a socialist state into the “Start-Up Nation.”

Experience the Awesome Advantage!

You’ll enjoy the high-caliber trip you deserve since Kenes Tours puts over 45 years of expertise into your trip. You’ll also feel welcome regardless of your background since Kenes is NOT affiliated with any religious movement – we’re just Israelis who want to show you Israel! If 10 jam-packed days of outdoor fun together with your friends and great Israelis sounds right for you, join us!

Get the Awesome Trip! With Awesome Israel you will…

•   Experience Jerusalem’s majestic Old City on a guided walking tour that culminates at the ancient Western Wall.

•    Feel Tel Aviv’s energy, stroll along sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches & experience Israel's unbeatable night life.

•    Climb Masada before dawn so you can witness a stunning sunrise over the mountains of Jordan.

•    Float in the Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth – then get muddied-up with your new friends. 

•   Get wet rafting the Jordan, then savor the renowned dry wines of the Golan Heights.

•    Hike a portion of what National Geographic calls one of the world’s 20 “epic trails” – The Israel National Trail.

•    Wonder: How’d I get on this camel?

•    Stay on a kibbutz, learn all about this uniquely Israeli lifestyle and enjoy the cool swimming pool!

•    Visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial to honor those who paid the ultimate price…just for being Jewish.

•   Wander the alleyways of mystical Safat, where Kabbalah is a way of life.

•   Travel around the beautiful Sea of Galilee, the world’s most famous freshwater lake.

•   Stay connected with WIFI on the bus and photos from your trip posted daily on Facebook.


With trips for both young professionals and student-aged participants all summer long – in May, June, July and August – as well as multiple departures from LA, Philly, NJ & NY, Awesome Israel has your summer covered! Join us!

Why settle for anything less than an Awesome Birthright Israel trip?




Vision Statement

We believe that Israel is the creative laboratory of the Jewish people. In this laboratory there is a re-imagination of what Am Yisrael can be and do in the world and an evolution of new ways of thinking about what it means to the individual to be Jewish in Israel and the Diaspora. We believe that Jewish life, wherever it is lived, is enriched by the encounter between Israel and the Diaspora. The land of Israel offers inspiration and a sense of history to all Jews. The State of Israel is a society experimenting with new forms of Jewish life with profound implications in both Israel and abroad.



Our Company/Organization

Israel is a land of a thousand possibilities and the itineraries you’ll find on are only a sample of what Kenes Tours offers and delivers to its clients. We are in the business of actualizing any dream visit to this country and the region – be it an adventure-filled journey back in time, a personal search for heritage, a religious quest, a coming-of-age celebration, or just a great vacation.

With more than 45 years’ experience as leading innovators in the industry, Kenes Tours is committed to providing its clients with the highest standards of service at competitive prices. Our customized tour packages, for individual or group tours, operate seamlessly due to our expertise, experienced staff, and many strategic alliances with strong local partners and suppliers - both in Israel and stretching across its borders to combine the travelling experience of Jordan and Egypt.

The pioneering spirit that drives us is the challenge and courage to explore unchartered waters. Kenes Tours works relentlessly to better its existing tours and conceive new ideas that stretch the imagination. While Israel has something to offer everyone, it is essential that our clients’ care be in the hands of a trusted, long-established and world-renowned leader with a base in Israel. It is in our interest that clients not only return home after a perfect vacation, but return to us for their future venture and unforgettable memories.

The Trip Staff Team

The leader of every Awesome Israel trip is a top-notch Israeli tour educator who is a graduate of the Israel Ministry of Tourism’s demanding 2-year tour guide course. Our guides are selected not only for their breadth of knowledge, but also for their passion about Israel’s story and their ability to connect with participants. For only by identifying with the participants can an educator invigorate the distant past with renewed life and convey the indefatigable spirit that moved a nation scattered throughout the world to return to their ancient homeland and create a modern, thriving state.

In addition to the tour educator, there are two American counselors, or madrichim, who accompany you on the trip and the flights to and from Israel. Our madrichim are personable young adults who are chosen based on their leadership experience, knowledge of Israel and “things Jewish”. Before being assigned to a trip, each madrich will undergo several sessions of intensive training to ensure that they are well equipped to address any situation – and, of course, to ensure that your trip is awesome. As role models in their community or campus, our madrichim represent Awesome Israel before, during and after the trip. Your group will also be accompanied by an Israeli medic who will ensure that all participants remain healthy and well cared for.