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Picture it. Instead of the same ol' basic vacation plans trying to escape the daily grind of school, work and freezing weather this winter break; you get to hop on a plane and into an adventure of a lifetime.


We're talking Mediterranean weather (think sunny with a high of 70 degrees), hotels, restaurants, exploring a new country and culture, amazing new friends...all while you seeing what Israel is really about.  



Israel Free Spirit is an accredited non-profit Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer for people of all backgrounds that invests extra to give YOU an  great itinerary both spiritually and physically .
This trip is 10 full days on an award winning itinerary where you get to experience the real thing; to explore the food, the people, the land, the secret krav maga moves (sssh!), the adventure, the ideas, the inspiration, the history (both its checkered past and fascinating present), the kaleidoscope of Jewish expression, the rugged terrain and breathtaking sunsets over waterfalls, the spirit, the art, the music, the cool shopping, the celebrities...and most important, you'll have the #timeofyourlife!

Other highlights include ATVing, rafting, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at Masada (with gifts!), biking, riding camelback, partying in Tel Aviv, visiting Bedouin tents, Friday night at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and free trip extensions.

This is a trip where you'll be empowered, enriched with friendships, truly seen and heard by your peers, and have some of the best memories ever. #eatingyourweightinfelafel #knowledgeispower #greatmemorieslastalifetime #yourvoiceisreallyheard

Join us today! There is a trip for you whether you want to go with your friends and campus, to meet totally new people, wish to explore different sides of Israel like it's: arts, entertainment, music, business & innovation, Jewish leadership, etc… We have lots of cool options available so that you can pick what truly fits you best.
Vision Statement
OU presents the "Israel Free Spirit" trip as a ten day Taglit Birthright-Israel experience which emphasizes the spiritual connection between the land of Israel, the people of Israel, contemporary Israel, and our vibrant Jewish tradition.

We make it our top priority to make sure you will have an enriching, adventurous, warmly inclusive, fun-filled, empowering, meaningful and highly educational experience exploring Israel and our Jewish Heritage.

Our vision is to share the magic of Israel with young Jewish adults of all backgrounds and interests. We believe that intimate encounters with the People of Israel in their communities and the land of Israel through activities such as volunteering, hiking, biking, rafting, etc. present unique opportunities. Through these active learning experiences, participants are able to appreciate the complexities of Israel while forming lasting bonds of friendship as a group.

Orthodox,comfortable for all affiliations
Our Company/Organization
Israel Free Spirit is an accredited non-profit Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer (aka. we pour every cent of our funding into making this a truly exceptional trip for you.)

We are based out of both New York City and Israel, making ourselves easily accessible to you on both sides of the world.

We've been running these trips since Taglit-Birthright Israel first launched 15 years ago. We've become one of the largest trip organizers, leading hundreds of trips and continuing to bring thousands of ecstatic participants from across North America every year (check out our #amazingreviews!)

We offer our trip participants free trip extensions, as well as additional ways to come back again to Israel for free or cheap.

We provide great follow up resources after your trip; including reunions, ways to stay connected to all your new friends (including your peers, your Israeli army soldiers, and your exceptional staff), additional learning opportunities, fun parties, exciting contests (with great prizes!), networking opportunities (including potential internships and job referrals #clutch!), and many other amazing resources.

As a division of the OU (a super passionate worldwide Jewish institutional powerhouse that loves Israel and the Jewish Nation) and with many of our other wide reaching partners including educational institutions, professional organizations and strong Jewish community groups around the world; we'd love to invite you to join our network of over 1 million members, and to benefit from our wide powerhouse of resources.

The overall mission of the OU is to engage, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community.

During the past century, the OU has become the world's foremost leader in kashrut supervision, Jewish outreach, synagogue services, adult education, political action, and advocacy for the disabled.
The Trip Staff Team
You will have a caring, dynamic, relatable and highly experienced staff team who are dedicated to making sure you have the trip of a lifetime.

All our staff work together to provide you with a personally enriching, safe and highly educational experience. They care about each participant personally, working to create a supportive and engaging environment for you there.

Your trip's staff team includes a dynamic Israeli tour leader/educator, a trained security guard/medic, and 2-3 American staff members. We also have an additional full time staff member who is there and available to help you if you'd like to extend your trip for free, on us!

But seriously, hands down, we offer you one of the best Israel directors around, who even Taglit-Birthright Israel uses as a professor for their in-house tour guide training. (#OnlyTheBest)

We also continuously invest in our staff, and their training, so that they are able to share a wealth of shared learning, knowledge and vast experience with our participants.

Some of our staff has been participants with us like you; others found the light later on :). Our staff simply loves our trip so much they just have to keep coming back again and again! #encore.

Just call us, talk to us and you'll see, we're super pumped and excited about signing you up today to make sure you have an amazing trip this winter break!