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Welcome to Taglit-Birthright Israel - Israel Free Spirit! Maximum Experience. Less Fluff.
Israel Free Spirit is a non-profit Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer for all backgrounds that invests extra to give YOU the best itinerary both spiritually and physically. Highlights include ATVing, rafting, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at Masada, biking, restaurants, Friday night at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and free trip extensions.
With an array of unique trip options, you get to choose award-winning trips based on age, interest, background, community, school, and more.
We believe your Israel experience should be as exciting and meaningful as possible. The Israel Free Spirit trip is a hands-on journey where you'll gain a rich appreciation for the beauty of Israel and a deeper connection to your global Jewish community and vibrant and enduring Jewish homeland.
Our program promises to be an adventure you'll cherish forever. Most importantly, you'll form a lifetime of new friendships with fellow travelers and Israeli peers who will accompany and enrich your experience. Assuredly, there’s no better way to experience Israel than with Israelis by your side.
For summer 2014, in addition to our universal Israel Free Spirit program, we present Arts & Entertainment for the performers out there, Israel Games for sports and athletics, Bizrael for business and innovation, Israel Inside in conjunction with Hasbara Fellowships those looking for an advocacy perspective, Congress to Knesset for the politically oriented and Tour d’ Israel, the perfect choice for bikers and nature lovers . We'll also be offering our Yachad and JACS program and our single gender trips. There are so many options with Israel Free Spirit that you’ll be sure to find the best trip fit for you and your friends!
Vision Statement
OU presents the "Israel Free Spirit" trip as a ten day Taglit Birthright-Israel experience which emphasizes the spiritual connection between the land of Israel, the people of Israel, contemporary Israel, and our vibrant Jewish tradition.  We know you have a lot of choices and we value your “Free Gift” as much as you do and look to maximize every moment of your experience.
Our vision is to share the magic of Israel with young Jewish adults of all backgrounds and interests.  We believe that intimate encounters with the People of Israel in their communities and the land of Israel through activities such as volunteering, hiking, biking, rafting, etc. present unique opportunities. Through these active learning experiences, our participants are able to appreciate the complexities of Israel while forming lasting bonds of friendship as a group.
On an Israel Free Spirit trip you’ll hike Israel’s lush landscapes, spend time with Israelis and Israeli soldiers, see artistic and archaeological treasures and journey to the Western Wall/Kotel, the sacred remnant from our Holy Temples built millennia ago.
The OU “Israel Free Spirit” trip is a collaboration of NCSY, JSU (Jewish Student Union), Aish, MEOR Yachad/NJCD, JACS, and many other allied agencies that have pooled their resources to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.
Israel Free Spirit offers different types of 10-day trips to accommodate participants of varying backgrounds. Most of our trips are designed for participants with an interest in experiencing Israel to its fullest. Some of our trips offer unique niche opportunities each season with themes such as arts & entertainment, business and innovation, advocacy, spirituality, and sports. We also offer trips for developmentally disabled, 12 Step participants, single gender, and more.  What unifies all of these Israel Free Spirit programs is our basic philosophy of providing an active, spiritual and meaningful encounter in Israel. 
Our Company/Organization
The mission of the OU is to engage, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community.
During the past century, the OU has become the world's foremost leader in kashrut supervision, Jewish outreach, synagogue services, adult education, political action, and advocacy for the disabled.
The Trip Staff Team
Israel Free Spirit wants to give you the greatest staff possible on your trip. That’s why in addition to the Israeli tour educator, you have dynamic and relatable American staff with extensive leadership, knowledge on Israel, and informal education experience. Our team is comprised of Jewish educators (collegiate and young professional), JSU & NCSY staff, and Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni.
In line with our mission of maximizing your trip we go beyond the required two American staff per trip and usually add a third American staff member for an additional dimension to the trips and more one on one attention.  Israel Free Spirit has a pool of experienced Israeli tour educators that have led many trips for us in the past and only the best are asked to return. We also add on an Israeli specialist called a ‘Madrich Chevrati’ on many of our trips to give that added authentic Israeli flavor.