Israeli Peers

    The Role of the Israelis in the Program


    Over the course of a ten-week summer internship in Israel, the American cohort of Excel Fellows are joined by a group of outstanding Israelis who were selected for the program based on their leadership, professional aspirations, and passion for community-building. Each American is matched with a peer on a gender basis as well as common interests. The Israeli peer cohort have significant impact on the group dynamic as they participate in almost all activities and are essential to the success of the ten-week Excel fellowship. In addition to creating a social bridge with Israel, the Israeli peers are equal participants in the program and their participation provides an opportunity to create meaningful relationships and connection to the Israeli people, as well as widening Excel Fellows' community and network, professionally and beyond.

    The role of the Israeli peer is to engage with the American participant two evenings per week, to host the participant at least once for a Shabbat family dinner and to commit to a number of mandatory activities such as: An orientation meeting prior to the beginning of the program, opening ceremony, the group bonding weekend, a joint organized activity, ending ceremony, farewell party and a summary meeting. The Israeli peers are invited to join most of the program's activities and meetings with business leaders.

    The program covers the expenses involved in the Israelis’ participation in its organized programming. After the successful completion of the program, Israeli peers join a network of fellow Israeli alumni. The goal of the alumni network is to further develop their business relationships with each other and to form a continuing connection  with the American participants



    • Applications will be accepted between December 1 -31st, 2014. It is open to all full-time IDC students and IDF soldiers. Candidates must be fluent in English, 20-26 years of age (at the time of application), who reside in the Tel Aviv area and are interested in business.
      Other advantages include: A background in leadership and community service.
      Those who participated in a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip in the past are eligible to apply, but those who have previously been an Israeli Peer in Birthright Israel Excel are ineligible to reapply.
      The selection process includes:
      • Submitting Application Form
      • Personal Interview
      • Notification of Acceptance
      • Signing a Written Commitment