About Birthright Israel Excel

    Birthright Israel Excel is an elite, year-long fellowship program beginning with a 10-week business internship in Israel. The program is designed for talented Jewish college sophomores, juniors and select seniors *(see FAQs for more details) who are pursuing careers in business and/or technology. During the program, each Birthright Israel Excel Fellow is assigned an internship at a prominent Israeli company with global reach, in industries such as finance, venture capital, consulting, hi-tech, bio-tech and social media. The Fellows are guided by professional mentors, as well as Israeli student peers to acclimate them to Israeli society. Birthright Israel Excel covers the cost of a round-trip ticket between NY and Israel and housing in Tel Aviv.



    Birthright Israel Excel was created to develop a cadre of future Jewish leaders. The vision of this program
    is multi-dimensional: To deepen the ties of participants from abroad to the State of Israel, so that they emerge as future leaders concerned about preserving the identity, heritage, and welfare of the Jewish community; to encourage the next generation of international Jewish business and/or technology leaders to strengthen the future of global corporate policy towards the State of Israel; and to foster the development of a network of innovative and motivated alumni who will continue to work together to collaborate on business opportunities going forward.​​​​​