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You’ve decided. It’s time to use your Birthright Israel gift, but picking a trip organizer may seem like a challenge.

At Israel Outdoors we are proud to be the most popular Birthright Israel program since 2009. Behind this achievement is our reputation for providing a high quality experience that you can trust. Israel Outdoors will take you everywhere you need to go in Israel – and then we’ll take you further. Our trips are a hands on exploration of Israel – its culture, history, land, and people. We also understand that creating the right atmosphere – with top staff, open-minded conversations, and an always relaxed approach – is what makes a good Birthright Israel trip extraordinary.

Israel Outdoors is a completely independent organization, meaning we're not affiliated with a religious institution or a way of thinking. So, you can be sure our trips are designed for all.

Israel Outdoors proudly offers many trip options across a wide selection of travel dates. That means more flexibility for you. Israel Quest is our flagship program with a well-balanced itinerary. You don’t need to be outdoorsy to appreciate this experience! Israel By Foot is designed for hiking enthusiasts, and Israel By Bike is designed for two wheelers. We also offer special interest trips as well as campus trips for students and community trips for young professionals. We are constantly adding new options. Check out the Trip Options tab above for additional details.

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Vision Statement

The vision of the Israel Outdoors organization is to share the magic of Israel with young Jewish adults of all backgrounds and interests. Our Birthright Israel programs present a dynamic and vibrantly colorful side of Israel in an open and pluralistic atmosphere.

Our staff believes strongly in building a connection to Israel through the beauty and history of the land itself: the mountains of the Golan, the beaches of the Mediterranean, the forests of Jerusalem, the canyons of the Negev desert, and the coral reefs of Eilat’s Red Sea. Each region of Israel is full of rich opportunities for meaningful encounters with the history of the Jewish people -- both ancient and modern.

We believe that encounters with the land of Israel through activities such as hiking, biking, and caving present unique opportunities for enhancing the overall educational aspects of the program -- long after the ten day trip is complete.

Israel Outdoors offers different types of 10-day trips to accommodate participants of varying backgrounds. Some trips are designed for true adventure seekers. Most of our trips are designed for participants with a more general interest in experiencing Israel. What unifies all of these Israel Outdoors programs is our basic philosophy of providing an active and meaningful encounter in Israel.



Our Company/Organization

Tlalim Incoming Tourism to Israel – and its international brand Authentic Israel – is an Israel-based travel program provider with three decades of leadership in the field of experiential travel.

We partner with synagogues, schools, youth groups, community organizations and families to share the magic and beauty of the Israel experience. Organizations choose Tlalim Authentic Israel for our flexible approach, fair pricing, dynamic guides and client-oriented service. Additionally, Authentic Israel offers a series of pre-scheduled programs that are open to the public – including specialized programs for teens, college students, young adults, families, and adults 55+. Our organization is also involved in activities in Israel as diverse as multi-media entertainment, instructional education and technology. The original roots of Tlalim are in experiential education, and we are proud of being able to positively impact the future of the Jewish People through meaningful Israel experiences and through the core values which inspire our work.

The Trip Staff Team

The heart of the Tlalim: Israel Outdoors experience is our staff. Each group has its own staff team comprised of Americans and Israelis – with a licensed Israeli guide serving as the overall group leader. We choose guides based on their dynamic personalities, depth of knowledge, and ability to connect with young adults. We tend to work with native-born Israeli guides to give the experience maximum authenticity. Working with the guides are two North American staffers. Our North American staff are chosen on a highly selective basis according to their leadership skills, background in Israel, and general experience. The North American staff help set the right tone for the trip and serve as informal educators. Each trip is also accompanied by a licensed medic/guard who is focused on the safety of the group, as well as an Israeli bus driver who is responsible for getting us around – and often adding color to the experience! Finally, we employ a team of “field staff” whose job it is to visit the groups periodically and provide additional support if a participant needs special medical attention, etc. Most importantly, in keeping with the spirit of the Israel Outdoors program, we choose staff of varied experiences and with varied Jewish backgrounds. The diversity of our staff mirrors the diversity of our participants – which makes for an especially powerful group bonding experience! ​​​​​​