Young Judaea Israel- To Israel Now

Young Judaea Israel- To Israel Now

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 Bring me To Israel Now! Your Journey. Your Feeling. Your Home. The Real Israel with Young Judaea

Why choose Young Judaea?
·      Your journey: We ensure that your experience is personal by focusing on you. Young Judaea recognizes that each individual has his or her own path to connecting with Jewish life, and we strive to make everyone feel at home by providing an open environment in which to explore your own relationship with our collective heritage.
·      Your feeling: We offer you the opportunity to experience modern-day Israel through interaction with Israel's many different people, tastes, smells, sights, and sounds.
·      Your home: Not only do Israeli peers join you on every -Birthright Israel: Young Judaea trip – you are also invited into their homes to enjoy authentic home-cooked meals by their very own Jewish mothers.
·      It’s the real Israel. Young Judaea focuses your journey on the dualities of Israel that exist beyond the international headlines. You’ll ​experience the culture and pulse of modern Israel while exploring the complex social and political issues facing its people.
Join a Birthright Israel: Young Judaea trip and get more than just a tour of Israel - embark on a journey through the generations with your US and Israeli Peers. Whether by ascending the ancient, desert fortress of Masada at sunrise, exploring Israel’s most pressing social issues, or experiencing the nonstop nightlife in Tel Aviv, you will gain unparalleled access to and understanding of the ancient Israel you thought only existed in textbooks and the modern wonder whose challenges and accomplishments captivate the world each and every day.

Once you’ve gone on a camel trek through the desert with Bedouins, left a note in the stones of the Western Wall and learned about the agricultural marvels that make the desert bloom, you will leave feeling like you’ve gotten to know the real Israel.

Young Judaea is a nonprofit organization that has created meaningful Israel experiences and programming for over 60 years. Young Judaea is the original Israel program provider, running trips since the very founding of the State.

You only get one shot at your first Birthright Israel experience, so choose Young Judaea!!

Join a Young Judaea trip this Winter and get yourself To Israel Now!

Vision Statement
YJ Impact! is a pluralist non-denominational organization for college students and young professionals who want to explore Israel and their connection to its concept and practice through un-mediated meaningful experiences. We are part of the Young Judaea - Hadassah family and share the values of these two organizations. In addition to  Birthright Israel, we offer many unique programs in both Israel and North America and have a full array of options to follow up on from a summer living and volunteering experience in the Tel Aviv area to our annual convention held this year in Mexico.

With over 50 years of experience in planning and providing Israel programs, we are well positioned to make this trip and unforgettable adventure for you! Our mission statement is to foster Zionist leadership and activism among college students and young professionals. We emphasize personal engagement with the real Israel through multi-faceted programs and opportunities in Israel and North America.
Non-Denominational and Pluralistic.
Our Company/Organization
Young Judaea is America’s oldest Zionist youth movement, turning spirited Jewish youth of diverse backgrounds and orientations into engaged leaders and inspired activists with a life-long commitment to Israel, Jewish life and tikkun olam (repairing the world) through immersive informal and experiential education that instills them with a sense of value and love for Jewish tradition and ritual and pride in the Jewish people, Israel and being Jewish. Our life-changing camp,  year-round and Israel experiences foster an open and pluralistic environment that encourages mutual respect and understanding between diverse groups of Jews and empower our chanichim (participants) by imbuing them with the   self-confidence, independence, problem-solving skills, knowledge, and other tools they need to make informed choices for themselves and the communities they will help to shape.
The Trip Staff Team
The staff members on Birthright Israel: Young Judaea’s trips are among the most important components of a successful experience. Our staff includes a seasoned tour guide with a vast amount of knowledge and two North American trip leaders, or madrichim, who travel with the group and bring their own enthusiasm and experience. We also have a medic/security guard, who has served in the IDF and undergone intensive training to ensure the health and safety of our participants.​​​​​​​​​