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Mountains & Mystics of Tzfat

A 6-day retreat to energize your spirit


You deserve to step away from the noise of your busy life and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Mountain & Mystics is a holistic, one-week retreat in the unique city of Tzfat. Overlooking rolling mountains in the middle of the famous artists’ colony, the program includes breathtaking hikes throughout Northern Israel, community service, and exploration of Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy.

Highlights include:

  • Tap into your spiritual connection through encounters with Kabbalistic artists & Jewish mindfulness
  • Soak up the creative vibes of the holistic & mystical city of Tzfat
  • Hike stunning trails with the mountains of Northern Israel as your backdrop
  • Give back to the local community through meaningful community service
  • Experience a spiritual detox for the soul through an uplifting Shabbat 


Spend the week tapping into the energy of art, meditation, and nature with a community that appreciates your sense of adventure. Delve into Jewish ideas that spark your interest through interactive sessions on deep Jewish mysticism with our world-renowned faculty. End the program on a high through a mesmerizing Shabbat in a warm and joyful community. This is the immersive experience that allows you to connect to your authentic self.


 hippie hiking

"I knew that coming to Tzfat would be a spiritual experience, but I had no idea how much it would challenge me to think about life. The program was a very special journey - both physically and spiritually. ” - Jason G.

“Beyond the natural splendor, the depth of teachings, and the powerful sense of community, Livnot allowed me to have an experience that filled me with an incomparable sense of awe that I carry with me to this day. ”- Natalie H.

"It was by far, the best part of my Israel experience. This place is special and magical. It provided me with the kind of spiritual growth I was looking for. ” - Jaden Z.

“"I have a greater understanding of more aspects of Judaism. I feel more connected.” -David B. 

Livnot U'Lehibanot and Israel Free Spirit have partnered to create the Mountain & Mystics program. They have a common mission to enable participants to experience Israel and its culture with mindfulness, spiritually, and adventure. 

ABOUT LIVNOT Livnot U’Lehibanot (“To Build and Be Built”) is a non-denominational, holistic, physically and spiritually challenging Jewish experience that connects participants to their heritage and community in an open environment. Livnot has been offering short and long-term Israel experience programs since 1980.

ABOUT ISRAEL FREE SPIRIT Israel Free Spirit offers different types of Birthright Israel trips to accommodate participants of varying interests. All of our trips are designed to experience Israel to its fullest. We offer a wide variety of niche trips catering to specific interests such as the arts, social justice, business entrepreneurship, and more. Some of our trips offer unique opportunities for individuals with special needs, and we also run a trip tailored for participants in recovery, based on our approach of equal opportunity for all. Our basic philosophy of providing a fun, active, spiritual, and meaningful encounter in Israel unifies all of these Israel Free Spirit programs. Indulge yourself—this is Israel Free Spirit, and your adventure starts here.

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