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Hebrew in Real Life

Learn the local language on the ground in Israel

Make Jerusalem your living, breathing classroom for five days, and learn to speak Modern Hebrew like a native (including slang!). As part of Hebrew in Real Life, you’ll experience all facets of Israel’s vibrant society, lifestyle, and pop culture—hands on! You’ll learn Hebrew in fun, interactive sessions, and put it to work with native Israelis.

Some highlights include: 

  • Live like a local for five days
  • Learn basic Hebrew, modern slang, and pop culture references through interactive language immersion
  • Practice your Hebrew and learn from locals
  • Rock out at a live concert of a popular Israeli band


Learn Hebrew- Ulpan
Boker tov (Good morning)! Mornings will begin with engaging, hands-on lessons taught in Ulpan-Or's unique method. Using media-rich material and exposure to Israeli songs, events, and games, all at your fingertips on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll learn greetings, modern slang, and phrases you need to get around on your own. You’ll beef up your reading and writing skills, too.

Then, we’ll set out for urban adventures around Jerusalem where you’ll get to put your newly gained Hebrew to work. Evening highlights include exploring Jerusalem  nightlife and rocking out at a live concert of a popular Israeli band.

At the end of Hebrew in Real Life and your five days in Jerusalem, you’ll go home with ramped-up Hebrew skills, new Israeli friends, and a special connection to Israel and its people.




“Ulpan-Or has given me more confidence in my ability to speak and understand Hebrew. I only wish I had more time here.” Amanda M.
“Amazing way to study and prepare to learn in such a short amount of time. I feel lke I have learned a lot and will remember/speak as I experience life here in Israel and outside of Ulpan-Or." Blake K. 
“For the first time of my life I was able to learn Hebrew in a smart and quick way. Our teacher was professional and helped me a lot to understand and appreciate Hebrew.” Naomi S. 

Shuk Hebrew

Ulpan-Or is an innovative hub for Hebrew learning with campuses in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and accessible from anywhere else in the world, thanks to uniquely designed online programs and self-study kits.

We are proud to be the official provider of Hebrew programs to the American Embassy in Israel, various Masa programs, Onward Israel, Magen David Adom, and more than 80 schools and universities worldwide.

Ulpan-Or employs a revolutionary methodology for learning Hebrew called Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA) developed by founders Orly and Yoel Ganor following 20 years of extensive research on language acquisition and pedagogy. RLA enables students to learn Hebrew quickly and effectively in an interactive way and a fun and dynamic environment, thus bringing the ancient-turned-modern Hebrew language to life.