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Desert Treks

Hike Spectacular Canyons & Explore Israel’s Desert

At the heart of Israel Outdoors is the belief that a true connection to Israel is best discovered through first-hand sensory experiences. Desert Treks offers an opportunity for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts to develop a unique bond with the Land of Israel and its desert ethos. The desert covers over half of Israel’s land area, yet in many cases this part of the country goes under-explored on most Birthright Israel trips. Through this special Birthright Israel Plus program, travelers will experience the thrill of exploring the desert like our ancestors did – hiking through stunning terrain, discovering the desert’s unique ecology, scuba diving in the Red Sea, and gaining practical wilderness skills like field cooking, navigating, and orienteering.



Connecting our desert past to our desert future, the program also includes a scuba diving course in the Red Sea and a visit to the Arava Institute at Kibbutz Keturah to learn how Israeli technology and innovation have turned what was a once a bare desert into an agricultural wonder. Aside from three nights of camping, we’ll also spend a night in the lively beach town of  Eilat.

desert treks


“Being a part of a group of people with similar interests is like nothing I have ever experienced. The amount of knowledge I gained and the hiking was amazing.” - Dylan H.
“We stayed in Kibbutz Ketura and Eilat and we were able to do some INCREDIBLE exploring and hiking! This is really what I wanted out of the trip and it was amazing.” - Andrea R.
“This trip changed my whole perception of Israel and I hope to visit again” -Ilana C.



Each year, thousands of young adults choose Israel Outdoors for their Birthright Israel Gift because we’re adventurous, open-minded, fun, and energetic - just like them.
When you join an Israel Outdoors trip, you get the unique opportunity to discover more about yourself, your past, and maybe even your future. And because Israel Outdoors is unaffiliated and 100% pluralistic, you’ll be encouraged to form your own thoughts and take home what you want from the experience.
Our trips have been described in many ways by our alumni, from “amazing” to “moving” to “inspiring” to “eye-opening.” We know that each trip will mean something different for each of you, and we are passionate about creating the ideal travel environment for you to explore new perspectives, bond with new friends, and challenge yourself along the way. Israel Outdoors brings three decades of leadership in the field of experiential travel. Our headquarters are in Tel Aviv, and we have local North American offices based in Washington, DC.
We offer experiential travel programs for teens, college students, young adults, families, and adults of all ages. We host individuals and groups from across North America, South America, the former Soviet Union, Europe, East Asia and Australia.
As an organization, we are proud of our ability to positively impact the future of our communities by providing enriching, educational experiences based on values of pluralism and trustworthiness.