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Yael Adventures offers the gift of a free 10 day trip to Israel for Jews from all backgrounds. Get a taste of all Israel has to offer. Join us on our journey though Israel and visit some of its most extraordinary destinations. From nature reserves and waterfalls, camel rides through the desert and dancing to the rhythm of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, we want you to see it all.

For over two decades we have given tours to the most knowledgeable tourists in Israel: fellow Israelis! Yael Adventures is one of Israel’s largest operators of educational trips for Israeli schools and educational institutions. Since our client base is mainly native Israelis, we specialize in introducing participants to Israel’s most unique sites in exciting, experiential ways.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Yael Adventures organization is to pass on our passion and great love for Israel to young Jewish adults all over the world. Our Taglit - Birthright Israel program is shaped with much enthusiasm and creativity, based on unique activities lead by some of the best Israeli tour guides. Our trip provides each participant with the opportunity to experience a variety of sites revealing the fabulous atmosphere of Israel. 

Yael Adventures staff is highly trained and educated. Our crew traveled the land of Israel reaching every trail, pate, and mountain by foot. Our belief in Israel’s beauty, geography, history, the country and its people says it all.

Our staff will emphasize these ideas by moving our 10 day trip from Kibbutz Dan in the North up until the mountains and in between the Golan Heights, the fabulous beaches of the Mediterranean, the surrounding mountains of Jerusalem, the narrow canyons of the Judea desert, and the incredible coral reefs of the red sea in Eilat. We will reach each region as we discuss its history up until modern times.

Some of the incredible activities you will experience include floating in the Dead Sea, sleeping in the Bedouin tents, watching the sunrise from Masada, visiting wineries, donkey and camel riding, zip-lining, rappelling, kayaking, and hiking to hidden places. Our activities are designed to enhance the overall Israel experience.

In addition to all these activities each young adult will participate in spiritual programs while touring the country with Israeli soldiers, meeting with Israeli political leaders, and becoming acquainted with young Jewish adults nation wide.

The combination of all these activities will remain with our participants forever, making their experience a once in a life time adventure.



Our Company/Organization

Yael Adventures is a tour company that works in cooperation with the Israeli parent company “Zukey Yeelim - Yael Tours”. The Israeli company has been engaged in the Israeli tourism market since 1988, and has many years of experience in Israel tours.

The company’s continuous improvement in programs, its excellent service and professional personnel, lead to client satisfaction and to a continued purchase of its services by the clients throughout the years. Its experienced representatives along with native professional and experienced tour guides allow the creation of non-habitual and better customized programs.

We believe that the love and the connection to Israel and to its people, is passed on by walking the land and by using all senses to fully experience the trip.

The Trip Staff Team

At Yael Adventures our Tour Educators are carefully chosen, and are highly trained professionals with outstanding experience leading trips for Taglit-Birthright Israel. In addition, two American staff members will accompany the group from the gateway airport and throughout the trip. These individuals come from leadership roles within their communities and have a vast knowledge and passion for Israel.

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