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Each year, thousands of young adults choose Israel Outdoors for their Birthright Israel Gift because we’re adventurous, open-minded, fun, and energetic - just like them. 

When you join an Israel Outdoors trip, you get the unique opportunity to discover more about yourself, your past, and maybe even your future. You’ll experience the phenomenal beauty of Israel, from the vast canyons of the Judean desert, the green hills of the Galilee, the picturesque Mediterranean coast, cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, ancient Jerusalem - and everything in between. 

And because Israel Outdoors is unaffiliated and 100% pluralistic, you’ll be encouraged to form your own thoughts and take home what you want from the experience. 

Our trips have been described in many ways by our alumni, from “amazing” to “moving” to “inspiring” to “eye-opening.” We know that each trip will mean something different for each of you, and we are passionate about creating the ideal travel environment for you to explore new perspectives, bond with new friends, and challenge yourself along the way. 

So that you can get the most out of your time in Israel, we offer several ways for you to experience your Gift, from our traditional Israel Quest journey, to our active Israel by Foot and Israel by Bike programs. In addition, we offer campus, community, and specialty trips – there’s truly something for everyone. 


Vision Statement

The vision of Israel Outdoors is to share the beauty and wonder of Israel with Jewish young adults of all interests and backgrounds through an enlightening and enriching experience. Our travel programs are specially crafted to provide significant, dynamic experiences for our participants that will last long beyond the 10 days. 

We recognize that each participant on our trip will take home personal and special perspectives that will be unique to their own understanding of the world; we also understand that part of that powerful insight is gained through the shared, collective connections that they will build with their peers, their staff, and Israel. Our passion is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to make this happen. 

We believe that experiencing Israel through physical activities such as hiking and biking can provide a truly exceptional way to connect to the land. From the breathtaking heights of Masada, the beaches of the Mediterranean, the forests of Jerusalem, and the canyons of the Negev – each setting provides a meaningful and profound way to understand the history of this country and its People. 

Israel Outdoors offers different ways for our participants to experience their Birthright Israel gift. Whether through traditional touring, by bike, or by foot, our experiences are unified by our commitment to provide enriching encounters with the Land, history, and People of Israel.



Our Company

Tlalim Incoming Tourism to Israel – also known as Authentic Israel – brings three decades of leadership in the field of experiential travel. Our headquarters are in Tel Aviv, and we have local North American offices based in Washington, DC. 

We offer experiential travel programs for teens, college students, young adults, families, and adults of all ages. We host individuals and groups from across North America, South America, the former Soviet Union, Europe, East Asia and Australia. 

Israel Outdoors is our flagship Birthright Israel initiative since 2002, and we are honored to have hosted over 200,000 young adults from around the world! 

As an organization, we are proud of our ability to positively impact the future of our communities by providing enriching, educational experiences based on values of pluralism and trustworthiness.

The Team

The core of all Israel Outdoors experiences is our vibrant, engaging staff. Each trip team is comprised of North American and Israeli staff members, as well as a licensed Israeli guide who serves as the group’s leader. 

We choose guides based on their dynamic personalities, depth of knowledge, and ability to connect with young adults. Our Israeli and North American staff are chosen on a highly selective basis according to their leadership skills, background in Israel, and general experience. Their breadth of experience, education and passion for Israel helps set the right tone for the trip and provides our participants with a valuable and eye-opening experience. 

Each trip is also accompanied by a licensed medic/guard who is focused on the safety of the group, as well as an Israeli bus driver who is responsible for getting us around – and adding a bit of color to the experience! Finally, we use a team of “field staff” whose job it is to visit the groups periodically and provide additional support if a participant needs special medical attention or other in-depth care. This unique structure allows us to maximize the experience by ensuring that all elements of each trip are thoroughly and professionally handled – from education, to safety, to logistics, to enrichment, our team has it covered. 

Most importantly, we carefully select team members for their wide-ranging experience and varied Jewish backgrounds. The diversity of our staff mirrors the diversity of our participants – which makes for an especially powerful collective experience.​​

Contact Information

5185 Macarthur Blvd, NW #640, Washington, DC 20016


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