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Let's be honest, Birthright Israel is an incredible opportunity. And regardless of which provider you choose to travel with, you'll have a great experience, the question is: How great, and what kind of great?Here's Our Answer ​​​​

Israel Experts will give you the kind of experience you'll remember forever. The kind that will bring a smile to your face even when you think about it years later.

We have recently gone through a process that required some serious soul-searching. We researched, questioned, thought about and analyzed what we do, and what we give you. The culmination of the process (among other things) is a slogan that speaks one truth Beyond the Obvious and we chos​e it because it's what we give and what you can expect to get on a trip with Israel Experts - It's what makes us great. 

But don't take our word for it, Israel Experts has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the past FOUR seasons. That means we are excellent at what we do - and we're not the only ones saying it. 

All of our tours will include fascinating sites, and loads of adventure; you’ll float in the Dead Sea, explore vibrant Tel Aviv, feel the spirituality as you walk the streets of Jerusalem. You'll ride camels through the Negev Desert, hike the Golan Heights and climb Masada. 

You'll meet people, go places and form bonds that will stay with you forever and you'll do it in comfort, with air-con, WiFi, good food and quality accommodations. 

You'll see, meet, talk, eat, laugh, relax, think and discover. You'll also do lots of other stuff... but we don't want to spoil the surprise.​​

Vision Statement

At Israel Experts we are committed to:​ 

• Creating experiences that make an impact.
• Encouraging young Jews to engage in the beauty and complexity that is Israel. 
• Exposing places and perspectives others don't. 
• Helping you see, taste, experience, and understand Israel for yourself. 
• Providing a wide spectrum of views and opinions, all in a pluralistic and balanced manner.



Our Company/Organization

Established in 1999, Israel Experts has been working for 15 years on perfecting this experience. Creating an itinerary that's different, one that includes adventure, surprise, and a lot of interesting content-filled-experiences that are not too heavy and not too light. We are committed to helping you explore Israel in a fun, open-minded way, regardless of your background or religious affiliation.

The Trip Staff Team

At Israel Experts we believe that it's all about the people - not just the people you travel with, but also the people who guide your travels. 

Comprised of experienced 'destination: Israel!' professionals, logistics experts, informal educators and accredited tour guides our educational ethos is based on experiential learning and a pluralistic approach. That's why on a trip with us you'll experience SO much - You'll see and hear, talk and discuss, and you'll form your own opinion. You'll also learn about yourself, your community, your people...

Tour Israel with Israelis who are basically like you, young, educated, curious, free thinking individuals, who know the country, love it and live it, every aspect of it. And you'll see, you'll love it too.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​

Contact Information

P.O.B. 298

Gedera, 70700 Israel 


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