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Ezra is one of the largest youth and student movements in the world.

We’re a non-profit, apolitical international organization, providing opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

There is an important factor that can make your trip go from just 'good' to 'Super Fun and Exciting' - The Trip Organizer and Staff!

Ezra is organized by a very special group of people!

Our staff have come to Israel from America, served in the Army, live here and are part of Israeli society. We have all the knowledge and experience necessary to make your trip spectacular and wild! We don’t just take you all over Israel like other groups but we provide the most opportunities to have fun learn and experience the real Israel.

Ezra has over 14 years of experience running Birthright Israel trips with almost 20,000 alumni from all over the world. We can without a doubt say that we know our stuff.

Vision Statement

The Birthright Israel: Ezra trip is aimed at Jewish young people and is intended to enable them to experience Israel's great historical sites, understand the country’s current political, cultural and economic realities, and spend time with peers from Israel.

Our main goal is to unite young Jewish people through cultural revival. Our mission is to enhance and make the lives of the Jewish youth more diverse, interesting, and exciting. We present young people with an opportunity to become more connected to Jewish traditions and strive to make that bond unshakeable. At the same time, we offer young Jews the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities. We vow to do a lot and indeed we do what we promise! We offer a lot, not only to the members of our organization, but to our community as well. Everyday we have new visions and we constantly think of new and wonderful ideas. Thanks to the enthusiasm and drive of our members and participants, all our visions and ideas quickly turn into reality!


Orthodox, Comfortable and Welcoming to All.

Our Company/Organization

Ezra USA is affiliated with “Ezra World”, an international youth movement with tens of thousands of participants, which has been in existence for close to a century.

Ezra World provides opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage.

Ezra World maintains branches in USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, England and Germany.

Ezra USA was founded in December 2002 as a youth movement working with Russian speaking Jewish students and young adults in North America. With the years and the integration of the Russian speaking community, our organization broadened its activities to a wider range of members. Today, we serve members from the entire Jewish-American community mostly those considered non-Affiliated. 

Our Goals:

• Leadership development in the Jewish community.
• Strengthening Jewish identity.
• Development of Jewish education.
• Support for the State of Israel
• Fighting assimilation.
• Solidarity and Unity among all branches of the Jewish People.

The Trip Staff Team

EZRA’s tour educators are graduates of the rigorous Israeli tour guide schools who love to share their passion for life, history, Israel and the great outdoors with our participants. Our staff have come to Israel from America, served in the army, live here and are part of the Israeli society.

Each EZRA trip is also staffed by two North American staff (madrichim). On our trips, we make sure that almost all of our staffmembers are in their mid-20 or 30's, because we want our participants to connect with their trip staff on a personal level. These devoted young men and women are not just volunteers who want to go back to Israel again, but are talented and very experienced people who like to share an Israel experience with you the same way they experienced it as participants.​​​​​​​

Contact Information

2915 Ocean Parkway 4th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11235


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