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Don’t just fit in. Belong.

We welcome you (no matter what your Jewish background) to come hang out in the homeland, explore your heritage, taste the culture and become part of something greater than yourself.

Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse is a non-denominational Birthright Israel organizer that unites young Jewish adults of all beliefs and backgrounds through 10 days of adventure travel.

Fasten your safety belts and prepare for the ride of your life. In only 10 days, you will dance the night away under the stars, be whisked away to the lush green Golan to explore waterfalls and taste boutique wines, experience Tel Aviv’s legendary nightlife, float away in the Dead Sea, and wind your way through narrow cobbled alleyways in Jerusalem’s Old City. We’ll show you the legendary, the authentic and the adventurous – you’ll see and do it all, and then some! In addition to all the action and adventure, this is your opportunity to connect with your history at Yad Vashem, touch the ancient stones of the Western Wall, and experience the festive Shabbat atmosphere with new friends from all walks of life.

“It was an epic adventure, 10 days which seriously blew my mind – hanging out with soldiers, meeting people and experiencing places I never even knew existed! Big giant tick on the Awesome Things To Do Before You Die List!” (Danny Yadegari - FL)​

Vision Statement

The objective of Birthright Israel is to enhance Jewish identity, and with that, we explore what it means to be a Jew. Sachlav is committed to conveying the message that a strong Jewish identity must originate from an understanding that all Jews are equal and all Jewish perspectives are legitimate. We believe that the Birthright Israel program is the ideal platform to pass this message along because the participants do not come from identical backgrounds. On the program, we are able to build diverse groups which in turn expose each participant to different types of Jewish backgrounds. At Sachlav, we feel that an integral way in which to strengthen Jewish ties is to eliminate the lack of knowledge and misconceptions between our Jewish brothers and sisters. We are experienced at creating groups that bond together and learn to respect each other while enjoying all that Israel has to offer. This interaction enables participants to learn from one another and return home with a better understanding of their fellow Jews and of the Jewish people as a whole.


Non-Denominational/ Traditional

Our Company/Organization

Sachlav - IsraelontheHouse is located in the heart of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. As a leading tour operator in the industry, with over 25 years’ experience in educational tourism, we have brought thousands of visitors to Israel including schools, communities, and personal tours. Much time and effort is invested in building a multi-cultural team of staff, comprised of both native Israelis who understand the land, and English speakers from across the globe, who understand the cultural and service needs of our clients.

Sachlav uses only the very best tour guides who bring personality, experience and flavor to each trip. This is in conjunction with our trip programmers who work effortlessly behind the scenes to create a holistic, personal and meaningful trip for our participants. It is because of this dedication and pride in our work, that Sachlav is confident about the quality and uniqueness of our trips.

Sachlav offers a realistic and non-biased view of the passion, challenge and adventure that is the essence of Israeli life. Our experiences are designed to be fun and exciting as well as an honest effort to investigate and enlighten our Jewish identity and heritage. We strive to uncover the battle in retaining our identity in all of our pride and diversity.

Just about every stone here in the Land of Israel has a story, and sharing it, is the endeavor that drives the Sachlav Team.

The Trip Staff Team

Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse take a vested interest when selecting our American staff. We try our very best to ensure that all staff members are alumni of not only a Birthright Israel trip, but of a Sachlav Birthright Israel trip. This provides them with the knowledge of expectations and enables them to identify with the current participants and engage them in relevant topics/ interests. In accordance with Birthright Israel’s criteria, all our staff have previous experience working with youth and/or young adults and in most cases are well rounded in Jewish education. We endeavor to match the personalities of each of our staffers and ensure well-balanced qualities that will best fit the dynamics of the group to ensure a feeling of cohesiveness and a warm atmosphere. Our newly implemented training program aims to equip staff members will the tools to not only serve as facilitators but to inspire, engage and enlighten our participants.

Alongside our American staff, participants will also enjoy the outstanding informal educational experience provided by our elite Israeli tour-guides. The majority of our guides have been working in the industry, and with Sachlav in particular, for many years and share their knowledge through interesting and engaging methods. Each tour-guide adds their own flavor to the trip and brings with them their own voice. Just like the rest of the team here at Sachlav, our tour guides share the notion that diversity in the Jewish world is a source of strength, and with that, they too come from various backgrounds and different beliefs but impart an open-minded, pluralistic approach throughout their guiding.​​

Contact Information

5 Shlomo HaLevi Street PO Box 45439
Jerusalem 91451 Israel

1888-995-6359; 646-519-9431
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