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Don’t just fit in. Belong. 

We welcome you (no matter what your Jewish background) to come hang out in the homeland, explore your heritage, taste the culture and become part of something greater than yourself. 

Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse is a non-denominational Birthright Israel organizer that unites young Jewish adults of all beliefs and backgrounds through 10 days of adventure travel. 

Fasten your safety belts and prepare for the ride of your life. In only 10 days, you will dance the night away under the stars, be whisked away to the lush green Golan to explore waterfalls and taste boutique wines, experience Tel Aviv’s legendary nightlife, float away in the Dead Sea, and wind your way through narrow cobbled alleyways in Jerusalem’s Old City. We’ll show you the legendary, the authentic and the adventurous – you’ll see and do it all, and then some! In addition to all the action and adventure, this is your opportunity to connect with your history at Yad Vashem, touch the ancient stones of the Western Wall, and experience the festive Shabbat atmosphere with new friends from all walks of life. 

“It was an epic adventure, 10 days which seriously blew my mind – hanging out with soldiers, meeting people and experiencing places I never even knew existed! Big giant tick on the Awesome Things To Do Before You Die List!” (Danny Yadegari - FL)​

Vision Statement

• To encourage young adults to explore their Jewish identity and personal connection to Israel.
• To provide a fun, authentic, dynamic and multicultural Israel experience.
• To promote mutual respect between individuals with different backgrounds, values and beliefs.
• To give young adults the opportunity to discover Israel through meaningful face to face interactions with native Israelis.
• To create an ongoing relationship with Israel and the Jewish community worldwide.


Non-Denominational/ Traditional

Our Company/Organization

Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse is a top Birthright Israel provider with over 18 years of experience running Birthright Israel Trips. Located in the heart of Jerusalem, we have brought over 28,590 participants from all over North America to Israel. Our trips are known for being intellectually engaging, action packed, unique and meaningful. Our tour guides bring years of experience and their own personal touch to give you the best that Birthright Israel has to offer.
As a non-denominational provider we are open to individuals with all different backgrounds, value systems and beliefs.
Feel at home. Be at home. Come on home with Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse.


Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse American and Israeli staff and tour educators are a highly sought out group of individuals with training in both Jewish education and experimental education. Each staff member brings with them their own personal Jewish and Israeli story to the experience.
We actively recruit our Alumni to staff our trips to give you the ultimate Sachlav experience from staff that know and love Sachlav. Our staff is equipped with the tools to inspire, engage and enlighten our participants.
Our staff, just like our participants, come from all different backgrounds with various value systems and beliefs. Here at Sachlav we share the notion that diversity in the Jewish world is a source of strength.

Contact Information

5 Shlomo HaLevi Street PO Box 45439

Jerusalem 91451 Israel

1888-995-6359; 646-519-9431

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