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Shorashim-Israel with Israelis is an unbelievable, non-profit organization with the ultimate Birthright Israel experience for you!

What’s stopping you?

Travel through Israel on one of our many award-winning itineraries where you’ll get to spend your entire adventure with incredible Israelis your own age. Guided by our top-rated, passionate staff, you’ll love exploring Israel through the eyes of the locals while discovering yourself on this authentic Israel experience.
Through epic hikes, incredible excursions, feeling the liveliness and charm of Israel’s major cities, tasting all of the phenomenal food, connecting to the one-of-a-kind culture, and so much more, you’ll experience Israel in the ideal way for YOU!

Your trip, your choice: there’s something for everyone with Shorashim! We have an expansive amount of trip options making it easier than ever to find the experience that’s best for you! Whether you are looking to travel on a classic trip with people from all over the country, young professionals from your community, people from your college campus, or a unique experience that is tailored to your particular interests, Shorashim is the perfect fit for your Birthright Israel adventure.

This moment is yours! We constantly work to add additional options, customized to your unique interests, so you can experience Israel in the way that makes sense to YOU!

This is your moment: now is the time to become part of our Shorashim family on the dynamic and transformational experience of a lifetime.


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Vision Statement

On Shorashim, Americans and Israelis always explore Israel, side-by-side, for the entire experience. Our transformational, authentic journeys offer new perspectives, focusing on experiencing the culture, sites, scenes, vibes, variety of stories, and people of Israel, in the way that connects to you. Your adventure is made, not only by what you see and experience, but by the people that you encounter and the close group formed.

Bicultural programs are the foundation of Shorashim. By exploring Israel through both the eyes of the locals and its incredible landscapes, you’ll discover new things about yourself and experience personal growth while creating meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships through an inclusive, balanced experience.



Our Company/Organization

Shorashim is a cutting-edge, non-profit organization that has dedicated more than 30 years to building long-lasting bridges between Americans and Israelis through innovative, immersive adventures.

Catering to the variety of interests and needs of participants, our programs are built to allow each individual in any group to carry out their journey in a way makes the most sense to them and create a relationship to Israel that is meaningful to them.

Shorashim maintains that the human landscape - authentic encounters with Israelis - is the core component of the experience. Seeing Israel through the eyes of the locals and creating personal connections is what drives meaningful experiences.

Our award-winning itineraries are crafted with the goal of facilitating personal growth and strengthening cohesive group bonding and through our unparalleled educational approach, extraordinary logistical support, dynamic programming, and passionate team, we offer the ultimate Israel adventure for you.

The Trip Staff Team

Through a highly-selective process, Shorashim creates incredible staff teams to lead you on your Birthright Israel experience. Each staff member is extremely qualified and brought onto the team because of their Israel background, extensive leadership skills, energy, passion, and lively personality.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds to offer a diversity of perspectives throughout this amazing journey. Our Israeli tour educators and North American staff possess a strong educational background and tons of passion, as they work together to create an unforgettable, eye-opening experience for each and every group.

Each team also includes a licensed bus driver and medic/armed guard who focuses on safety and is with the group at all times.

On the ground in Israel and in the United States, we offer the most comprehensive logistical, around-the-clock support to both our staff teams and participants, ensuring that your Shorashim journey is incredible and that you get the most of your experience.

Contact Information

1415 N Dayton St #A1

Chicago IL 60642


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