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Every experience in your life should be personal because we thrive when we create our own journey.
Israel Free Spirit gives you the ability to do just that by:
• Offering a large selection of trips so you can find the best fit
• Building an integrated itinerary to represent the many voices of Israel
• Giving you options to personalize your trip
Picture it.
We're talking a free 10 day trip featuring Mediterranean weather, hotels, restaurants, a new country and culture, and amazing new friends all while seeing what Israel is really about. Hop on a plane and into an adventure of a lifetime…for free.
​Israel Free Spirit is an accredited non-profit Birthright Israel trip organizer for people of all backgrounds that invests extra to give YOU a meaningful and all-encompassing itinerary where you get to experience the real thing.

Explore the food, the people, the land, the secret Krav Maga moves (sssh!), the ideas, the inspiration, the history (both its checkered past and fascinating present), the kaleidoscope of Jewish expression, the rugged terrain and breathtaking sunsets, the spirit, the art, the music, the eclectic shopping, the celebrities... and most important, you'll have the #timeofyourlife!

Other highlights include ATVing, rafting, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs at Masada (with gifts!), biking, camel-riding, partying in Tel Aviv, visiting Bedouin tents, Friday night at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and free trip extensions.

This is a trip where you'll be empowered and inspired, truly seen and heard by your peers, and make some of the best memories ever.

Join us today! There is a trip for you whether you want to go with your friends or campus, meet totally new people, or explore different sides of Israel like: arts, entertainment, music, business & innovation, social activism, spirituality, nature, etc. We have lots of options available so you can pick what truly fits best. Ready, Set, GO!​

Vision Statement

"Israel Free Spirit" trip is a ten day Birthright-Israel experience which emphasizes the spiritual connection between the land of Israel, the people of Israel, contemporary Israel and our vibrant Jewish tradition. We know you have a lot of choices and we take your “Free Gift” as seriously as you do by maximizing every moment of your experience.

On an Israel Free Spirit trip you’ll hike Israel’s lush landscapes, spend time with Israelis and Israeli soldiers, see artistic and archeological treasures and journey to the Kotel, “The Wall” the sacred remnant from our Holy Temple built by King Solomon thousands of years ago.

Israel Free Spirit comes in different varieties to give the best experience for our participants with different backgrounds and interests.Our “JSU Journey” is a “love your fellow Jew” trip run by specially trained staff by our allied agency JSU (Jewish Student Union) so that participants from all Jewish backgrounds can be brought together for an experience all can enjoy while operating within a framework acceptable to all backgrounds. JSU is non denominational and certifies its staff, most of whom are Orthodox.

Our NCSY "Chizuk Track" presents an Orthodox perspective and adheres to Orthodox practice. At participants' request, we run both coed and separate gender options. Participants of all Jewish backgrounds are welcome; but we do want you to understand our overall orientation.


Orthodox,comfortable for all affiliations

Our Company/Organization

The Orthodox Union. Each and every day, countless Jewish individuals around the world are positively impacted by the work of the Orthodox Union, with its array of religious, youth, social action, educational, public policy and community development services, programs and activities. The mission of the Orthodox Union is to advance, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community.

The Orthodox Union seeks to nurture thinking, knowledgeable, impassioned Jews, and empower institutions which serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of the Jewish community. During the past century, the Orthodox world has been guided and enriched by the OU, an organization that is today the world's foremost leader in kashrut supervision, Jewish outreach, advocacy for the disabled, synagogue services, adult education and political action. As the face of Orthodoxy continues to change, the OU is ever-committed to its original goals of unifying, representing and strengthening traditional Jewry.

The Trip Staff Team

The staff on OU: Israel Free Spirit trips are comprised of JSU (Jewish Student Union) & NCSY staff, College Jewish Education Professionals and Birthright Israel alumni who share a passion for Israel and bring extensive background in informal Jewish education. In line with our mission of maximizing your trip we go beyond the required two staff per trip and usually add a third staff member who is a dynamic educational expert (a campus rabbi or similar) so you get more one on one attention.

IFS has a pool of experienced Israeli tour educators that have led many trips for us in the past and only the best are asked to return. We also add on an Israeli specialist called a ‘Madrich Chevrati’ on many of our trips to give that added authentic Israeli flavor.

Contact Information

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New York, NY 10004

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