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This is the trip where you'll be empowered, inspired, truly immersed in the culture, and most importantly...make some of the best memories of your life.

Israel Free Spirit believes that every experience in your life should be personal.
That’s why we:
- Offer a large selection of trips that best fit your lifestyle
- Create an integrated itinerary that represents the many voices of Israel
- Give options to personalize the trip...on your terms

While traveling with Americans and Israelis your own age, you’ll meditate under the starry sky, hike the secret waterfalls, explore new foods in the local bazaar, go camel-riding along the sunset, get lost in the mysticism of Tzfat, dance the night away in Tel Aviv, feel the energy on Friday night at Jerusalem's Western Wall, and more!

Other highlights include epic activities like rafting and ATVing, gifts for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs at Masada, exploring the history (both its checkered past and fascinating present), and discovering the kaleidoscope of Jewish expression.

There is a trip for you - whether you want to go with your friends or campus, meet totally new people, or explore different sides of Israel like: arts, music, spirituality, adventure, etc. With trips for people of all backgrounds, you’ll pick what truly fits you best! Indulge yourself - This is Israel Free Spirit, and your adventure starts here.


Vision Statement

Israel Free Spirit (IFS) has been an accredited Birthright Israel trip organizer since 1999. We believe that people thrive through personalizing their own experiences. Our vision is to share the magic of Israel with young Jewish adults of all backgrounds and interests. Come as you are, you will feel comfortable and warmly accepted on our trips.

We build Israel Free Spirit trips around intimate encounters with the people of Israel in their communities and the land of Israel through activities such as volunteering, hiking, kayaking, etc. Through these active learning experiences, our participants are able to appreciate the complexities of Israel while forming true friendships that last a lifetime.


Orthodox,comfortable for all affiliations

Our Company/Organization

The Orthodox Union, known by the OU symbol, is the world's largest kosher certification organization. Founded in 1898, the OU certifies more than 500,000 products in more than 83 countries. In addition, the OU impacts the larger Jewish community through its youth organizations, educational initiatives, disability support networks, publishing division and political action arm. The OU provides support and encouragement in all aspects to all Jewish individuals, regardless of affiliation, by facilitating the establishment and maintenance of synagogues, schools and other institutions devoted to the teachings and practices of Judaism.

The Trip Staff Team

At the core of any great trip is great staff. So you’re probably wondering who is going to be joining you through the most incredible trip of your life.

Here’s the answer: a bunch of fun-loving, relatable, knowledgeable and highly experienced people from a variety of backgrounds who were handpicked to make every moment memorable for you! Let’s break it down:
Tour Educator. The licensed tour educator knows Israel like the back of his/her own hand. They add personality and meaning to every location and help you experience Israel in a vibrant, deep, and rich way.

Israeli Activity Leader. This staff member adds that authentic Israeli flavor and transforms the group into a mishpacha (family) through innovative activities to create a welcoming atmosphere.

North American Staff. These Jewish education professionals and/or Birthright Israel alumni come with a passion for Israel and extensive experience in informal Jewish education. You can talk to them about anything. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to relate their own personal experiences while connecting to yours.

First-Aid/Security Guard. This member of the team is with the group at all times to ensure the safety and wellness of our participants.

Bus Driver. This is the person who’s going to take you all over Israel, picking us up and dropping us off at every location.

Field Staff. Every trip is assigned a field staff, who is the behind-the-scenes miracle worker. They visit the group a couple of times to provide additional support and ensure the trip runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Extension Director. Throughout the trip, our extension director offers personalized (and sometimes free) options if you want to extend your trip or come back to Israel in the future, and helps make the process simple.

Contact Information

11 Broadway - 13th Floor

New York, NY 10004


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