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Birthright Israel: MAYANOT Style! Mayanot Israel’s not just a trip, it’s the best experience you’ve ever had! 

We offer the perfect balance between adventure, discovery & spirituality and between our rich culture & history. Mayanot brings you unique bonding experiences and refreshing challenges throughout! 

What is Mayanot Israel all about?

You know when you’ve done something really awesome, and you just want to share it with all your friends? Well that’s how we here at Mayanot feel about Israel. Mayanot has shared the best that Israel has to offer with over 24,000 young Jewish people just like you. That’s a lot of camel rides, nature hikes, river rafting, falafels, notes in the western wall, partying in Tel Aviv, floating in the dead sea, meeting Israelis and more… and we want to share all this with YOU too!

What can I look forward to?

All Mayanot staff are passionate about Israel and about just being Jewish. We’re excited about meeting new people, and introducing you to every facet of Israeli culture, history, politics, and spirituality in the Jewish homeland. You’ll experience all the highlights Israel has to offer, and we’ll also make sure you get more than enough time to relax on the Mediterranean beaches, chill in cafés and restaurants and of course experience the awesome nightlife Tel Aviv is famous for. You’ll do all this together with 39 of your peers from the US and you’ll have the opportunity to interact and meet real Israelis along the way, including the eight youngsters, many of which are still in the IDF, that will join your trip!

Is Mayanot right for me?

Our participants come from all walks of Jewish life, with varying backgrounds. Some come with friends or siblings, some come alone. Some with their campuses, and some choose post-college groups. With so many trips (and dates) to offer we’ll help you find the right one for you. If you’re open minded, up for an adventure, and excited to explore your heritage then waddaya waiting for!?

Vision Statement

Mayanot’s goal is to provide Birthright Israel participants with an unforgettable Israel experience in every sense of the word. Israel is the ideal backdrop for bringing Jewish history, ideas and culture to life and as past participants attest, the sights and sounds of Israel impact everyone on Mayanot tours in unique ways. Through learning Jewish and Israeli history and engaging in dialogue with Israelis, questions are raised about Jewish identity that challenge the participants throughout their lives. Mayanot strives to find the delicate balance in presenting the ancient and modern history of Israel, contemporary Israeli culture and Jewish tradition, and the vexing political divisions and ideologies all in an open and pluralistic environment. Mayanot is built upon a love for Israel, the Jewish people, our common history and the Jewish tradition. Mayanot draws inspiration from Chabad spirituality. Mayanot alumni relate that the best aspect is the lasting ties that bind the group on the trip. It is our overall goal that students return from Israel with a deeper connection to the country, a respect for Jewish life and community, and with the inspiration to continue their life journey as an individual yet integral part of the Jewish people.


Orthodox, inclusive and welcoming to all​

Our Company/Organization

Mayanot is affiliated with the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, located in the heart of Jerusalem, and offers a highly academic Judaic Studies curriculum taught by dynamic staff in a welcoming atmosphere. Mayanot Institute offers annual, semester, winter, summer and post Birthright Israel study programs for women and men ages 20 and over. Jews have always been known as the “People of the Book”. Independent study of our great classics bind us to the past, inspire us in the present, and prepare us for the future. At the Mayanot Institute, a strong emphasis is placed on textual study giving students the skills necessary to access great works in their original Hebrew and Aramaic. In an open academic environment students are encouraged to question, challenge and explore five thousand years of Jewish wisdom and apply it to contemporary society. The Mayanot Institute's curriculum is the only one of its kind, encompassing both the intellectual and inner spiritual dimensions of Jewish study. Studying at the Mayanot Institute extends beyond the classroom as students experience Israeli and Jewish culture as well as volunteer and go on excursions exploring the land of Israel. The result is a fascinating journey of self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth.

The Trip Staff Team

The Mayanot trip has five staff members on each bus. Mayanot’s Israeli tour educators are young, passionate guides that bring the history, geography, politics and culture to life in an experiential manner. Israel is the Jewish homeland, so all Mayanot groups are also staffed by professional Jewish educators, often campus rabbis, who provide the spiritual element to your Israel experience, and endeavor to challenge you as an individual. We partner with the Chabad on Campus International Foundation through their 100 + centers across the States. Our on-bus logistical/social guides are young Israelis and Americans, your age, who provide for all your needs and each group also has its own guard and medic. We encourage you to challenge all your staff to get the most out of your trip, and most importantly hope that you’ll forge new, long lasting friendships!

Contact Information

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies David Yellin 28, P.O.Box 2804

Jerusalem, Israel 9128001


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